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Paula Griffith | Certified Master Life Coach

Hi there, I’m Paula!

My name is Paula Griffith, and I have a Master’s degree in Business Management & Leadership, and I am also a life coach who has gone through a terrible loss to understand the real meaning of grief. I had a daughter named Chanell, who I loved the most like any mother who loves their child. She died from an asthma attack in August 2008.

Going through the grief it made me realize that the professionals out there from whom I sought help could not feel the pain I possessed. This experience provoked a thought that there would be numerous parents, particularly mothers, going through this pain and will need help just like I did. I decided to become a life coach to help grieving mothers/parents like myself by being there for to help guide them through this difficult phase.

Having gone through such an experience myself has put me in a place where I can relate to what a parent might be feeling and what they need to survive thier tragic loss.